Mt Hood Community College

Maintaining tuition affordability and increasing enrollment for students of color.

  • Tuition

    Tuition affordability is essential in helping students of color and low income students gain access to education and training.

  • Equity

    Increasing awareness and maintaining tuition affordability for career and technical training programs provides low income students and students of color the opportunity to attain the necessary training to meet the current and future work force demands.

  • Investment

    In order to serve future students, we must ensure investments into current buildings and facilities that help to provide new opportunities for technical training and lab resources in order to serve the demands of our students.

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Andrew Speer is a long-time resident to Parkrose and East County where he lives with his wife and two children. He was raised as a life-long resident of the Eastside, who grew up in a family of small business owners where he learned the value of hard work and determination. After high school, Andrew joined the U.S. Marines to serve his country. While serving in the Marines, he gained valuable leadership experience and insights that he values highly and applies across his life. After returning from his military service, Andrew picked up where he had left off at MHCC prior to his military enlistment. He went on to graduate from MHCC and then earn his bachelor and master’s degrees in Economics from Portland State University.

Professionally, Andrew works as an economist for a local utility where he works in rates & regulatory affairs. He works with policymakers and customer advocacy groups to ensure fair and equitable customer prices.

Andrew is running for the MHCC board position because he believes in the community college model and sees (and has experienced) the value it brings to students and communities. He also has a strong desire to give back to his community and also the college that provided him such a positive experience. He is passionate about balancing affordable tuition rates with the needs of the college and is driven towards building awareness and increasing enrollment of minority and low-income students. Andrew sees MHCC as a focal point for change in East County and is dedicated to bringing strong leadership, strategic direction, and sound decision making to the MHCC board!


Giving Back to the Community

  • "Andrew is a pragmatic decision maker that understands the needs of MHCC students because he was one." .

    - James Woods, Ph.D
  • “Andrew is passionate about MHCC and will bring a valuable perspective to the board.”

    Annette Mattson, MHCC Board Zone 4

Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon

Oregon Educational Association

Oregon Working Families

MHCC Full-time Faculty Association

Sen. Michael Dembrow

Rep. Carla Piluso

Rep. Janelle Bynum

Rep. Jeff Reardon

Annette Mattson, MHCC Board Zone 4

Kenny Polson, MHCC Board Zone 5

Ana del Rocio, Executive Director, Color PAC

East County Rising

We're Proud to Endorse Andrew J Speer

The East County Rising mission is to engage, energize, and elevate East Multnomah County by transforming governments to better reflect and represent East County's diverse and progressive community. We mobilize voters, train progressive candidates and win elections!